Chronic Headache and Migraine while planning Pregnancy

Hi everyone!

I'm hoping one or a few of you would be able to share your experiences.

I had my first appointment with my new OB-GYN yesterday to discuss the potential of my husband and I beginning to try for a family later this year. I provided a list of current medications prescribed to me by Dr. Silberstein (which are working wonderfully!!) and after doing her research she stated that she does not feel it would be in my (let alone my future fetus') best interest to remain on any of the medications (that I provided) during pregnancy. I even mentioned the possibility of Botox injections that Dr. Silberstein did bring up at my last appointment with him and she said that there is no research in regard to Botox in pregnant woman; however, there is information pertaining to nerve blocks since anesthetics are not known to be harmful to the mother or child. I have an appointment with Dr. Silberstein April 18th and then again with my OB May 19th - where she will begin prenatal testing and speak to my husband and I about different possibilities and hopefully different medications recommended by Dr. Silberstein.

Overall, I am at a complete loss and don't know where to turn.


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