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Cluster headache, Ocular or Ice pick ?

I started getting what i called ice pick pain in my mid 20s after being dx with fibromyalgia. The dr told me is was normal. By my mid 30s it changed to ocular migraines now I’m 44 and they tell me its cluster headaches. I went to the e.r. about a week ago to get help before I pulled my eye out or bash my head in.

They tried the usual benadryl and topamax, it did not work. I do not usually react this way to my headaches,iI am so used to pain I just push through them as quickly as I can.

This one was different. While I taked to the nurse I told him I used to get icepick headaches when I was younger. He smiled ever so nicely and saids they are the same thing.

Im going back to the neurologist in about 10 days. What can I expect? Last time he told me migraines and fibromyalgia go together there is nothing he can do.

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  • Katie M. Golden moderator
    5 years ago

    It’s true that migraines and fibromyalgia are often comorbid, meaning they are diseases that occur at the same time, but are not caused by each other. 35 out of 100 chronic migraine patients also have fibro.

    But that doesn’t mean there’s nothing that can be done about your Migraines. They can be treated separately or sometimes there are meds that can target both issues.

    It is not uncommon for Migraines to change as you get older. But when you get one that is not like the others, it’s definitely time to check in with your doctor to make sure there isn’t another issue at hand. If you are now having Cluster Headaches, there are a whole set of drugs and therapies that are used specifically for these types of headaches (such as oxygen therapy).

    If you feel your neurologist isn’t taking your concerns seriously, think about going to a Headache Specialist who can help to properly diagnose you and the over 300 types of headaches that exist. Here’s a list of these types of doctors in the US:

    Go with your gut and seek more answers!

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