Cluster Headaches

Last updated: January 2017

I have been dealing with these headaches for about 15 years now. I have been to doctors and they all tell you the same thing but these always start in October and last to January. but I do not know why I am a smoker and they tell you to quit but does choc. or any candy cause this problem. I'm a male at 53 years old but I have been reading other peoples stories and it tends to feel sorry for them it is a pain that some people just doesn't understand. I have heard about the piercing in the ear and would like to know if it really works. I do not have high blood pressure but the doctor put on a high blood pressure pill and gave me the pill sumatriptan and this pill really works. who ever read this I would like to know if they have ever had the shot of botox behind the ear and if it works.

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