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Cluster Headaches

I have been dealing with these headaches for about 15 years now. I have been to doctors and they all tell you the same thing but these always start in October and last to January. but I do not know why I am a smoker and they tell you to quit but does choc. or any candy cause this problem. I’m a male at 53 years old but I have been reading other peoples stories and it tends to feel sorry for them it is a pain that some people just doesn’t understand. I have heard about the piercing in the ear and would like to know if it really works. I do not have high blood pressure but the doctor put on a high blood pressure pill and gave me the pill sumatriptan and this pill really works. who ever read this I would like to know if they have ever had the shot of botox behind the ear and if it works.

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  • Exhausted
    2 years ago

    Sonny, get your doctor to get you oxygen to use for these attacks. After two years of trying so many things and feeling like life was never going to be better, oxygen use not only stops the pain, but used when in cycles, it stopped them.

  • Tammy Rome
    2 years ago

    Cluster headaches are in a completely different diagnostic category from migraine and have very different effective treatments. Although many people living with cluster headache are smokers, and there are many good health reasons to quit smoking, there is no evidence that quitting smoking will stop the attacks. Many of us with cluster headache have never smoked at all. Everyone has different triggers, but chocolate is usually not one of them. The most common trigger is alcohol. Bright/flashing lights, strong fumes, and weather changes are common, too.

    Because cluster headache is so rare, even a lot of headache specialists don’t know how to treat it properly. The typical treatment protocol involves acute treatments using high-flow oxygen and/or injections of sumatriptan. The pills simply take too long to take effect. Treatment also involves greater occiptal nerve blocks, SPG blocks, and preventive medicines such as verapamil, topiramate, depakote, lithium, or melatonin.

    Please see our articles on cluster headache for more information.

    Feel free to write back with any questions about cluster headache. I have had cluster headache since 1999 and work as a full-time advocate for the condition. I’ll be happy to help you learn more.

    I do get Botox injections for Chronic Migraine. The injections do help with the frequency and severity of cluster attacks, too. However, it is not FDA approved for cluster headache and may not be covered by insurance unless you also have chronic migraine.

  • DonnaFA moderator
    2 years ago

    Hi Sonny53, as with any treatment protocol, our members report varying success with both treatment options.

    You may be interested on the discussions on daith piercings on the site, and this personal account shared by a member. Points that seem to lead to success is making sure your piercer knows that this is for migraine relief, and that they have experience.

    There is also a personal account, accompanied by a robust discussion, around Botox injection points.

    I hope you find this information helpful until some of our other wonderful community members weigh in. Thanks for being part of the community. -All Best, Donna ( team)

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