Photography Major with Migraines

I've been dealing with migraines fairly regularly since I was 17, but they've only now starting getting to the point where I need to see a doctor for them (I had 16 in the month of February but I normally just have 3-4 a month). These migraines are also heredity, as my mom has been dealing with them since she was like 16 and our symptoms are nearly the same, only her migraines affect her Occipital Lobe and mine affect my Frontal Lobe. I also was in a car wreck when I was 16 and have been dealing with an misaligned spine since then. I haven't been seen for my migraines yet, but in 2 weeks my college goes on Spring Break so I'm seeing my Dr then.

I'm now a 19 year old Photography major at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. Yes, I'm a Photography major with migraines. It seems almost that every aspect of my major and just being a college student triggers a migraine. I don't have normal sleep schedule (although I try my damnedest to have one), I can't wake up at the same time every day due to my odd class schedule, I can't eat every meal at the same time every day, I live in the dorms (If you'd ever lived in a college dorm, you probably know what they're like), because of my major I have to spend x amount of time a day editing photos, and I also have to work with bright lights and strobe lights. I've just now starting to figure what might be my triggers and how to avoid them, but some triggers I just can't avoid - the strobe lights.

Some days it's really frustrating dealing with migraines while trying to be a fully functional and social college student. There has been many times where I had to leave Game Night with my friends because it was nearing midnight or because I got a migraine. There has been other times when I just couldn't even go to Game Night because it was started too late a night and I knew that if I went, I'd prolly pay for it the next day. Thankfully my roomies understand and are kind enough to take care of me whenever I get a migraine by getting me some juice, water, crackers, outing all the lights in my bedroom, and keeping quiet while I'm having an attack.

Any advice or suggestions about how to manage migraines while being a functional college student would be very, very appreciated (except for quitting my major. I love photography and I refuse to give it up, unless I'm told to by a neurologist).

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