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Completely over it….

I suffer from Bipolar, Depression, PTSD, Chronic Migraines, Ice Pick headaches, anxiety, social anxiety. I have tried almost everything. I even tried the botox, but it did not work. I am taking so many meds that I’m just loopy all the time. I don’t know what else to do. If anyone has any suggestions that would be great. Doctors have already told me that I am a very difficult case to treat. Because of everything. At a loss for words.

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  • JennS
    3 years ago

    Have you tries any of the occipital nerve blocking? I alternate between that and Botox every couple of weeks and while it hasn’t cured me, I woke up this morning with less migraine intensity than yesterday before the nerve block.

  • Melissa71
    3 years ago

    Have you considered Topamax?

  • Megan Freeman
    3 years ago


  • Pamela Sue author
    3 years ago

    Thank You so much I know I need it.

  • Joanna Bodner moderator
    3 years ago

    Hi Pamela,
    Thank you so very much for sharing your story. I am terribly sorry to hear how much you have been struggling. You are contending with many conditions and I understand this must certainly be very difficult to manage.

    To ask you first, have you seen or considered seeing a true Headache Specialist? These doctors are different from general neurologists (who may claim to be a headache expert but truly aren’t) because they are board certified in headache medicine. Neurologists may be fine doctors but have a hard time being experts in one area because they treat so many different conditions. Here is information on how these doctors are so different and how to find one; and

    Additionally, I wanted to share two articles written by fellow migraineurs that may provide you with a bit of hope as you have expressed having tried everything: and You are clearly contending with much more as you have many other medications that are incorporated into your daily regimen, but we truly hope that you will find the right doctor and care that will provide you with the relief you are in need of.

    Wishing you all the best and thank you for being part of our community. Please keep us posted on how things progress.

    Joanna ( Team)

  • Pamela Sue author
    3 years ago


    Thank You for your kind words, I really enjoy hearing it.
    To answer your question about doctors yes I have seen a Headache specialist and Neurologists. All doctors are telling me because of my TBI (traumatic brain injury) and the fact that I get the migraines/headaches/icepick headaches and being bipolar it’s hard to treat. My pain management doctor who also is a Neurologists and his main specialty is Migraines, he’s tried everything from Medial Branch Blocks to Radio frequency ablation. And neither worked made it worse. So that’s when we tried the botox. After the second treatment we noticed that not only did they increase rapidly they have intensified; I only get maybe 3-5 days a month were I can actually functions. But others are a no go.

    Thank You again,


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