Conditioned response to Migraines

I do not even remember when they started. I just called them headaches and knew they truly affected whatever I was doing at the time. You see, as an Infantryman in the military we are taught to overlook, dismiss, and work through any ailments, pains, and even major wounds. Mission First is our mantra. There is nothing more important than "Mission Accomplishment". Fast forward twenty-five post-military and two civilian years and now I actually know that they're called migraines. Something called triggers are beginning to slowly become apparent as I monitor my own health as close as I couldn't (or didn't) while on Active Duty. Big difference from: take two Motrins and get back to work! I am finding out a more gratifying life with Migraines is possible through self-identifying the triggers and staying on a continuous blocker. I am currently on Propanolol after years of different "triptans". I even got emergency orally disintegrating tablets for those persistent unannounced episodes. You see, after continuous visits and many failed attempts, you just accept to "condition" your response in order to return to your "Mission". All in all, I'm still learning and tolerating but more conscious of my response to Meds and can actually dedicate more effort to identifying and preventing triggers.

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