Migraines Are A Constant Battle For Me

Migraines have always been a constant battle. Having them since I can remember, I finally got diagnosed at 18.

Before that, it was dark rooms, ice packs, and ibuprofen (and caffeine). I am allergic to Aspirin so not so lucky there. Then at 16, I became allergic to ibuprofen so could only take Tylenol. At 18 I got put on prescription migraine medicine.

Migraine symptoms and treatment

To this day, in my 40's I get hormonal migraines, migraines from different foods, beverages, and even allergens. I have also had aseptic meningitis twice. My migraines come at least 2 times a month and last for anywhere from 1-5 days each. I can't qualify for daily migraine medicine. I have to use standard prescription migraine meds, dark rooms, an eye mask if any amount of light is coming in where I am lying down, ice packs, and caffeine.

I would love to try another alternative to use with or in place one or all of these things I use. I have a child and am married and these migraines take time away from them which I cannot get back.

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