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Constant Pain

I joined relieved to find out I am not alone. I have chronic migraines, complex migraines, and cluster headaches and cluster migraines. I started with a menstrual migraine at age 13. Like clock work a week before it hit. I was able to deal with them by taking a simple excedrin migraine. YES..IT WORKED. This was my story until January 25th, 2011. I woke up with a migraine. I functioned with it until March 13th, 2011. I had a TIA. I have had a migraine EVERYDAY since.
The neurologists I’ve seen call it a “functioning migraine”. The diagnosis has been based on the intense flare ups. My migraines mimic strokes now, numbness, tingling, confusion, slurred speech, eye pain (clusters), drooping face, body pain (from nerves), lack of comprehension, swollen tongue, lost of vision,etc.., I could go on and on. It so frustrating because I can’t work and like so many others, I feel my normalcy has ended. We have tried everything which has caused PVC’s. I’m now working with a cardiologist to fix this new heart problem. The new neurologist stopped the BOTOX, advised if new medicine doesn’t work, I will be sent to a Headache Clinic. I am ready for relief. January will mark 4yrs of CHRONIC DAILY PAIN.
GOD Bless

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  • sarah
    5 years ago

    Hi April,
    V Sorry to hear about your pain. Having migraine everyday is bad bad bad! I know!

    I posted this before as a reply to Colette, but here it is if you didn’t see it. Always check with a MD to rule out anything else that is causing pain.

    What worked for me was laser acupuncture which turned the migraine around. It has a high success rate. Most people don’t know about this. I just happened to stumble on it by chance.

    (My history – episodic migraines that turned into chronic and just about ruined my life. Awful. I tried all the meds I could and nothing improved. I hear your pain…)

    My laser acupuncture was done by a MD with qualification in laser (and needle) acupuncture. – I am in Australia.
    It was quick, easy, not painful. Very effective. It took a number of treatments.

    As for the spasms, I would see a MD first to diagnose and and laser acupuncturist MD to see if he/she could help. It could be a different problem, or could be a neck issue which was my problem with eye pain.

    The treatment that helped eye pain was the Watson technique in physiotherapy.

    Laser acupuncture is apparently safe for children too – speak with the MD.

    I would love to hear how you go and I wish you all the best.


  • April H author
    5 years ago

    Sarah Jane,

    Thank you. I will definitely mention. I am very open to suggestion. I apologize for just responding as I have been in and out of ER the last 30 days. I will let you know what she says.
    Thanks again
    April H.

  • Katie M. Golden moderator
    5 years ago

    April H,
    I’m so sorry you’ve been in pain for so long. My story is similar. I had episodic Migraines since age 5, but one day at age 29 I got a Migraine that has never gone away. It can be extremely sad and frustrating to go through this and to need to completely change your life to accommodate this illness.

    Getting your PVC under control could be helpful to your Migraines. Besides some lifestyle changes, your cardiologist may prescribe a beta blocker. These drugs are also used to treat Migraines, so you may kill 2 birds with one stone. Ask about it.

    Is there a reason your doctor stopped your Botox? How long have you been doing it? Did you feel it was helping? Have you noticed increased Migraines since stopping Botox? For some people it doesn’t work, but I’m not aware that Botox would interfere with your PVC condition- but I’m not a doctor!!

    If you are interested in going to a Headache Clinic, we have some resources you look at and ask questions. I personally have been to the Jefferson Headache Center in Philadelphia. I wrote about my experience here:

    There’s also the Diamond Clinic in Chicago and the Michigan Headache and Neurological Institute (MHNI). We have several forum topics on these centers that you can ask others who have been some questions.

    I hope this helps. Please let us know if you have any questions!!
    -Katie Moderator

  • April H author
    5 years ago

    Yes it does thank you Katie. My new neurologist stopped the botex. Honestly.. I now know it helped me to maintain the functioning migraine. I apologize for just responding as I have been in and out of ER for the last MONTH.Last visit a week ago. I will review all the resources you listed and will keep you updated. My new neuro stated that if the new preventive does not work by first of year she will send me to a headache clinic which I think is where I will find more answers.
    April H.

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