Consultant because of Migraines

Many years ago, I decided I that I could not work for someone with Migraines as a constant companion, so...I became a consultant. Over the years I have consulted in many different areas all within a the oil patch.
I found I could work from anywhere and time to get the work done was up to me because ultimately if I didn't get it done, I didn't get paid. So, insentive to work mostly without the migraine or cluster headache -yes, I am one of the lucky ones, I have been diagnosed with both times. Also, I don't react well to migraine prophylactics or triptans. (Please remember, I'm a Dr. of Engineering not English so I may make some Spelling errors that the computer or I miss.) I find I am over sensitive to sound, light, and smells. I have been told by my pain speacialist, Dr. Q, and recently by my Dentist that I am wired slightly wrong or to us Dr. Q's words, backwards. More precisely, my major nerves in my back, my neck, and my face have the right nerves on the left and visa versa. That may be something to check out if you have a way to do so.

I have been able to work when I am good and rest in a blackened room with ice on my head. I also sometimes take straight barbiturates...NOT often because over the course of my 68 years of Migraines, I have been hooked on drugs. I usually don't take anything.
I have a wonderful wife who scouts for me in terms of smells, sounds, and lights. If she finds anything that may affect me, she hussels me out. Sometimes she can be mean, because she has something for us to do, but mostly she's good for me and helps me always.
What I want to say, is that I have often worked through a Migraine, but at those times I was on some heavy drugs.
Hope no has to do that. I don't have to any more, but I still have the horror or these #%¥€£+*s -no one should have to go through these. I would have thought we would have a cure by now.
Thank you,
Dr. Gary

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