Control-Alt-Delete ; My Migraines

I see my migraines as a 'Control-Alt-Delete' of my brain. Of my body. It is as if everything, my brain, my stomach, my whole being is 'reset' during an attack.

I've been having migraines for over twenty years now. It started when I was about 24. I was working as a flight attendant at the time. My life was as irregular as could be. I ate unhealthy food and drank coffee and sometimes alcohol. I was on birth control pills.

At first I didn't know where the migraines came from. My whole family has severe headaches, but no one is as sick as I get. I vomit for two days.

The doctor told me I had migraines and put me on cafergot. For years I suffered severe attacks, usually around my period. The cafergot was nasty, but did the trick.

Through the years I tried many alternative treatments; name one and I am sure I tried it.

Then, after having given birth to my son the migrains vanished for several years.

They are back now, and only recently, also through reading this site and all the stories from others, have I accepted that I have migraines. There is no cure. There is only migraine-management.

I see my triptans as helpers now and no longer resent needing them. I do my best; I eat "clean" , do not take diary or coffee or alcohol, I go to a acupunturist. But I know my family has a migrain-gene and that's too bad, but that's how it is...

I only hope my son didn't inherit it!


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