Conversion from a migraineur to a Migraine Management Expert

Hello friends,

I experienced first attack of migraine in childhood on the day when I was playing cricket. During game I slipped and when I stood up, surprised to knew that I was not able to saw the ball clearly. It continued for almost half an hour and after vomiting I felt better. But after that day It starded continuously and disturbed all the facets of my life. It continued till the age of 35. I have experienced migraine almost 20 years. My triggering factors were physical work, poor sleep, stress, certain foods like beans, cheese, oily foods etc. During this period it affected my education, my mind and body, my business, my familial relationship except sexual life. I found very powerful sex drive during this period.

I have completed my post graduation (Counseling & Psychotherapy) as a part time course and started doing Ph.D. My mentor asked me which subject you want to prefer for your thesis? I thought seriously and replied "Migraine". He said migraine is a medical subject how can you do Ph.D. on it. I said migraine affected me very badly hence I decided to do so. My proposal for Ph.D. was accepted by "The open international university for complementary medicine" Colombo, Srilanka.My area of study was "Migraine: An analytical study of causes and suggested remedies through psychotherapy. During my Ph.D. I came to know various factors about migraine like causes, triggers, its mechanism, abortive and preventive techniques to control it etc.

I have completed my Ph.D. in 2007. By using my knowledge about migraine I am now able to control migraine before its arise. Presentely I am doing practice as a Migraine Management Expert. I feel that there is a need of awareness about migraine hence I counsel and educate people who are suffering from migraine.

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