I, fortunately, have been able to manage my migraines for a while now. No grains or sugar. No coffee, alcohol, chocolate, nuts, or processed meats. Plus, I drink a lot of saltwater and try first to stop a migraine with salt under the tongue which often works. I often wake up with a stiff neck and have to deal with that or it can develop into a migraine. But with this regime can stop it with half a migril and two besemax plus a tight band around my forehead and an ice pack or hot water bottle on my neck. Sometimes have to take it again if all signs have not disappeared after a few hours.
I don’t think I can be cured but, my life is normal again with no 4 days of agony anymore. I first. Started migraines about 50 years ago. I also had very severe stomach aches as a kid. Apparently a relevant precursor.

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