Could It Be?

I'm writing for my significant other, a healthy, active 61-year-old man.
He woke 12/31 and was frantic because he was struggling to stay awake. It scared us both. He was dizzy, felt "drugged", a bit disoriented and most of all had visual disturbances such as kaleidoscope-like lights in his peripheral field.
At ER, everything came back normal. Cat scan, EKG, chest scan, blood, and urine.
Yet today, the 3rd day, he is bedridden.

Migraine brain fog

Primarily the visual disturbances are still bothersome and he says his head feels like he has the flu as far as being "foggy". Incidentally, he tested negative for flu. I understand ER can miss things and we plan to seek more answers, but everything I've researched indicates migraine-related symptoms.

We've planned to see an eye doctor, but to where do we turn? Does this sound like a phase of migraine? When he coughs or sneezes his head hurts on one side (forehead). The visual disturbances began on the same side as the headache but is now both sides. I'm really concerned for him.

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