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Daily migraines

My son had his first migraine at age 6. He has headaches on a daily basis & is now 21 years old. He was hospitalized for 7 days at one point & the diagnosis was definitive for "status migrainosus". He has not known much of life beyond physicians offices & hospitals. He has been caring for me for the past 3 years as I was diagnosed with CRPS. When that diagnosis was given, our world was turned (even further!) upside-down. He hasn't had the chance to further his education (he's very bright) & now at this point, he doubts whether he can even join the work force at any capacity! With his daily struggles with the headaches, he finds that he has difficulty concentrating, which is quite understandable. He worries that he would not be able to live a "normal" life...EVER.

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This is something that grips me with fear! Josh is so talented, so intelligent, & yet he has this "barricade" in front of him. It seems to be miles high & insurmountable. What does he do? File for disability? Could he actually qualify? What limitations are there with a "disability" label? He has so many questions & fears that he will not "amount to anything". Josh also has Grave's disease & "suspected glaucoma". He has overcome other illnesses throughout his young life & we thank God for that!
Josh is tall & lean with a smile that lifts your spirits. He's beyond kind & compassionate with a polite manner that is befitting of one 3x's his age! He's such a great guy, with so much to offer.
I worry about his future. The heartbreaking thing is...I know he does too. :(
Any words of encouragement would be greatly appreciated! Merry Christmas to all...!

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