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Daith piercing WORKED FOR ME!

134 days of a migraine - meds, tooth pulls and new glasses, MRI and CAT scan, massage, chiropractic and acupressure and puncture as well as sinus surgery did not work for me. Your choices in this situation are function through it or not. Crying and even using the bathroom hurt more. No more time off and it didn't matter because nothing was helping. I knew within minutes if my next hope was gonna work. Some thought it all in my head, lol or thought I was pain med seeking. If your reading this trying to decide if you should do it, GO FOR IT. The minute the needle was in it changed my pain. Now the only thing that hurts is my ear,haha. I just got it done today. First, call places that pierce for headache relief not just a daith piercing. They aren't necessarily different but you want someone that understands the depth of the pierce and pressure that the gauge size they use will provide. This is the difference between relief and a cool piercing. It also is why some acupuncturists might not agree that this is effective for some. Next - it doesn't hurt like you would think. Two breaths in and out and it was done, now it's just tender. Don't wait if your trying to decide but make sure you go to someone who understands your reasons for doing it and knows their stuff.

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