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My daughter had migraines since 7th grade

My daughter had migraines since 7th grade. In 7th grade my daughter started with headaches and after many different doctors and tests was diagnosed with lyme and possible migraines. A few years later she started having migraines with auras. She is now 25 and still has problems but tries to treat it mostly by diet and exercise and supplemental vitamins and minerals. Still looking for something to help.

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  • Ellen Schnakenberg
    9 years ago


    You’re in the right place 🙂

    Thank you for caring about your daughter so much that you would take the time to learn about Migraine Disease and seek ways to help her. Many Migraineurs wish they had family members who would choose to be so proactive for them. Thank you.

    Exercise and a good diet are vital to good health – Migraine included. Good health means fewer chances that something is going to cause a problem that may trigger another attack.

    I wish there were a cure for Migraine, but so far that hasn’t been discovered. The process is very complex and doctors don’t even know enough about it yet! In the meantime, finding her a great doctor who is very familiar in dealing with Migraines is important. If you can find her a Headache Specialist – so much the better.

    You might direct her here to as we have tools that may help her in her Migraine journey toward better health

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