Dealing with Migraines daily

I have been diagnosed with chronic migraines about a year ago. But I have had them since I was 16 years old. I am now 42. I have been through 3 neurologist and none of them like to listen. I have been on every drug out there for my migraines. I am allergic to the preventive medications, so I cannot take them. I am now waiting to see if I can get the Botox injections. I am considering that if this does not work I do not know what to do. My doctor asked me how do you deal with them. I have no choice. I need to work. I have kids and grandkids. I have to deal with my pain and go on my day.

I really am tired of doctors not listening. It is like they think that you are faking it and it seems to just stress me out.

I would just love to wake up without a headache and go to be bed without one. My husband just does not know how to help and he gets upset with the doctors for always just giving pills and changing them and adding more. It does make our lives hard because I really do not feel like doing anything and I am always in pain and taking something to try to help.

I have changed my diet, took in less caffeine. I am at a lost and hoping that the botox will help.

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