Do Migraines Define You: Who Are You?

Who Are You?

It seems like with many illness, migraines have a way of defining who you are as a person. For many years, I was a person in constant agony; I was a person who couldn’t make plans; I was a person depressed because I felt migraines ran my life, I was the person who lost hope and the person who lost their identity to migraines.

But who I was 4 years ago is NOT Who I am Now.
The person I am now, is outgoing, loving, caring, optimistic to the max, healthy, joyful, compassionate with myself and not allowing migraines to control me anymore.

Getting to the present moment was an experience for me, but arriving here is fantastic. I ask the question who are you, so you can take a moment and see how you are defining your present moment and present self. I believe one of the steps to healing is to understand how you are approaching your life, your illness and yourself in each moment. What are you telling yourself daily? What are the subconscious statements playing in your mind? Do you have doubt that you will get well. Do you believe migraines will always be part of your life? Do you believe that you don’t deserve to be well, happy or healthy?

What’s the story you telling yourself when no one is listening?

I’ve learned throughout the years that unspoken words and beliefs have a major impact on creating your present reality. My migraines, forced me to uncover and acknowledge parts of my beliefs system that I didn’t know I had. Feeling not good enough to be healthy and vibrant. Not loving myself enough to eat the proper foods for my body. Not removing toxic people or beliefs in my life so I continue to feel pain all the time.

Migraines are ugly, annoying painful, destructive and the list can go on. But they don’t have to define who you are. So I ask you to be honest with yourself now and answer the question WHO ARE YOU?

Today is a new day? I have learned that who you were in the past does not have to dictate who you are in the present. We have the opportunity to choose who we want to be every minute of the day. If who you are now does not measure up to whom you want to be or who you know you are meant to be, than start choosing differently. Look at the story your telling yourself and choose actions that will lead to different results.

Choose to find and unleash the amazing person that you are. Choose to live life with, love, compassion and joy. Choose to ignite your passion for life and health. Choose each day to take steps to live a migraine free life. If you are not sure what the next step is, trust your instincts and just do it. Have a fabulous day.

With Love and Gratitude

The Migraine Warrior

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