migraine cure, no surgery or meds, and it's permanent

I will be 48 in 2 weeks. I have suffered from migraines for 44 years. I even remember being 4 with the eeg hookup to find out why I was having them. My trigger is weather. I am a walking barometer. I get light and sound sensitivity, nausea, vomiting, confusion, exhaustion prior and post episodes, and my episodes last 3-5 days each. I have lost sight once due to the migraines. they occur on the left side and occasionally left front.

I am on FMLA at work and lose 5-7 days each month. my field of work is heavy construction outside. I live in glorious new England with constant weather changes all year long. I have tried many meds to no avail and to top it off all the meds have side effects equal to the symptoms I actually GET with migraine. how does THAT help? on to my topic.... three weeks ago I suffered 3 days of migraine, the next week the same, the following week I had one day with just the pressure. that particular day I visited the man who will change my life. the past week and a half I should have suffered 3 episodes of migraine.... I have not even had an INKLING of pressure. migraine suffers don't care about easing the pain.... they don't want migraines anymore. it takes away their lives, and it takes away from their loved ones lives too.

My DENTIST fitted me with a temporary orthodic and changed my bite. if this site REALLY cares about the migraine sufferers out there, and REALLY wants to help them, give them this information. let THEM see for themselves, be able to make the decision to leave the meds and live migraine free. my entire life revolved around this nightmare.... I have a new lease on life now. .... please help these people have another avenue... this video link here is regarding how the jaw has sooo much influence on the body. this is what made me decide to try this treatment. Just go to leadingdentist.com and it appears on the home page..... it is in the top left corner and you can click on and watch it on utube too. a guy draws caricatures thru most of it. I am not a believer until something is proven to me. I tried this temporary fix and it works. there are several ways to correct the bite if they go to the right guy. I asked him MANY MANY questions before I began. this dentist that I see has given me new hope, a new life, and I will have a choice in how to fix my bite.

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