My Journey with Migraine and Depression

I was first diagnosed with Migraine with aura at 17, suffering from mild aura symptoms from around the age of 12 before experiencing my first debilitating attack on holiday at 17 where without sounding dramatic, I thought I was going to die as I had no idea what was happening to me.

The frustrations of migraine

Thankfully a diagnosis meant at least the start of a very long journey of trying to understand this confusing and often frustrating condition. Throughout the years I have tried a variety of medications but haven’t tried anything preventative for a few years until now. Having been prescribed a month's trial of Topiramate after an attack that lasted consistently for around 4 weeks and my normal triptans failed to help.

Experiencing symptoms of depression

The one thing I’m really concerned about is that recently, in the past 2 years or so, I’ve noticed when I have an attack I also seem to suffer from a real drop in mood, often experiencing suicidal thoughts and really depressive episodes alongside my usual symptoms. I’m worried the topiramate will aggravate this as depression seems to be a common side effect. If anyone has anyone has any experience with the medication please feel free to drop me a reply?

All experiences would be welcomed. For reference, I’m a 26-year-old female. Thanks & be well.

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