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My name is kelly i am 36 and I have been suffering from migraines for 15+yrs. It started out that my migraines were a result of grinding my teeth.

In the past couple of years they have gotten 10 times worse and I found out that degenerating discs in my neck are causing my Occipital Nerve Migraines. My pain management doctor said to get a Stimulator for them. I had the trial for the stimulator in May 2012 and when the dr. went to pre cert for the permanent implant of the stimulator the ins. co denied it saying it was experimental.

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Under the Clinical Policy Bulletin that the ins co was using for the denial the injections in my neck, nerve blocks and 30 botox injections into my head I had were all under that bulletin saying that all of those procedures were experimental but the ins. co. covered all of them. I am waiting for the denial letter so that I can file my 2nd appeal. I am trying to see if I can find someone who would be willing to pay for this surgery for me or a foundation. My migraines are very debilitating, I can not function in everyday life, I have a migraine almost everyday of the month. All of the procedures I tried did not work. When I had the Stimulator Trial I did not have any migraines or headaches but about an hour after they took the trial out I had a migraine. I have 12 yr old twin boys and I am missing out on so much of their lives because I can't even get out of bed or lift my head off of the pillow. If there is someone that has any advice or information that can help me can you please let me know. I am very desperate.

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