Increasingly desperate, frustated and very scared

My name is Tim.

This particular episode is approaching 2 months. Things
seem to be getting worse; not better.

I have an almost continuous pain left temple/left eye.
Sometimes I can keep it in check with ice. Don't sleep very much any more because I'm afraid to go without the ice. Generally if I can't get it under control it morphs into severe attack.

Some success with imitrex, maxalt but of course am not provided with enough to take for a daily major attack.

Have been to ER four times in past month. I'm 61 and never was habitual ER visitor. Most recent visit was getting some of that "oh, you again" attitude.

My parents are 86; mom has dementia and instead of helping them I'm more of the problem than the solution.

I'm terrified of the headaches and the increasing
lack of hope.

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