Destroying my world and my family

How do people deal with the stress and pressures that chronic severe daily migraines puts on a family?? My husband is so supportive but there are those times when he gets fed up with me not being able to take care of myself, him and not to mention the house or the dogs. On good days I do my best to get these things done, but it's adequate at best. We want to start a family but haven't been able to because of my migraine disease and other medical issues. He doesn't want me to leave the house on good days for fear I might over do it, but on those days there's things I need to get done to make the house better.

If I stay home all the time I'll get depressed. We both see a psychiatrist which helps both of us. But how do other people manage? My husband is my best friend, we've been together for 14 years and have been married for 8 years. Our relationship is otherwise amazing. What have others done to get there significant others to more fully understand that we want to live when we feel good? Or is there something I'm missing and should be doing better ( other than the obvious if being able to keep a cleaner house and feel good enough to cook every night ) - it just feels impossible most nights.

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