DHE-45 Scare

I have suffered since October 2014 with severe headaches. I have been to two university hospitals in the Chicago area. The rheumotologist says it is not related to the autoimmune issues and the neurologists were quick to do botox. I am finally at a headache clinic June 2015 where they have me DHE-45 along with other drugs. It caused very bad cramping and severe stomach pain. After 5 treatments, I ended up with bloody diarrhea. They needed to call in a colorectal surgeon for a consult. Thankfully all my blood work is normal and the bleeding seems to have stopped. Once I get the okay from the surgeon that I am out of trouble, we are getting the hell out of here. All they want to do is drug people up to try to break the headache. It hasn't worked at all for me. Be careful with DHE!!

Has anyone else had this severe reaction? I am really scared!!

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