DHE and Triptans HELP Please

I used to take zomig everyday but my insurance company cut my quantity in half. my neurologist decided it was time to get help ... More than she could give me. Anyway, what I need one is advice. I am taking dhe shots 4x a week and triptans 3x. I know it is recommended to leave 24 hrs in between the triptans and dhe but I can't make it that long. I usually take 2 triptans a day. So I have to take only one in the morning and I can only go about 12 maybe 14 hours. It makes me a little nervous. Does anyone have a similar situation?
BTW I have had migraines since I was 17 and I am now 63. I have been to 2 headache clinics and am waiting on an appointment for Stanford Hospital.
I would greatly appreciate any input.

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