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DHE and Triptans HELP Please

I used to take zomig everyday but my insurance company cut my quantity in half. my neurologist decided it was time to get help … More than she could give me. Anyway, what I need one is advice. I am taking dhe shots 4x a week and triptans 3x. I know it is recommended to leave 24 hrs in between the triptans and dhe but I can’t make it that long. I usually take 2 triptans a day. So I have to take only one in the morning and I can only go about 12 maybe 14 hours. It makes me a little nervous. Does anyone have a similar situation?
BTW I have had migraines since I was 17 and I am now 63. I have been to 2 headache clinics and am waiting on an appointment for Stanford Hospital.
I would greatly appreciate any input.

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  • Kim Leonoudakis
    5 years ago

    Horrible! I’ve been there. I went almost 20 years and tried everything. I have chronic daily migraines. I was a neurologist and then 3 headache centers including Stanford. I did DHE in Stanford hospital twice. Once week each time and no results! I did all the drugs and had only one drug option left. I refused it because of the severe side effects and the constant CT scans I would have to get. I did nerve blocks, chiropractor, acupuncture, botox, meditation and numerous diet changes. The best book was Heal Your Headache – By David Buchholz. But even that didn’t help. I tried magnesium therapy and numerous other supplements. I was severely depressed.
    I finally found out about doing a neuro-stimlulator implant at the Reed Migraine Center in Dallas Texas. I couldn’t get my insurance to pay for it but did the trial anyways. I GOT MY LIFE BACK! It’s not a cure but a way to manage my daily migraines. Definitely something to think about when you get to the end of the line of other options. Check it out. I see now 2 other place that are doing it. I wrote a letter to my doctor at Stanford to let her know I did it and it worked for me. She didn’t know anything about it and wasn’t too keen on me doing it when I last saw her in the beginning of 2013. I’m so happy! I wish everyone had the option of doing the trial. That’s the best thing is that you can do a trial before the permanent to see if it works. Good luck Sandra! Kim

  • lovesthequiet
    5 years ago

    Definitely sounds like medication overuse headache… or just constant intractable migraine which I have and ruins your life. I just started on the butrans patch. I can’t take triptans or DHE because I have hemiplegic migraines so triptans could cause a stroke. With no other option I was left with pain management and BuTrans has completely saved my life!

  • Tammy Rome
    5 years ago

    Wow, that’s a lot of medication. Did your doctor ever suggest you try a preventive medication such as Topamax, Elavil, or Propranolol to prevent some of those attacks? The accepted medical practice at most headache clinics is to use preventives plus abortives and not take abortives (triptans, DHE, OTC pain relievers) more than 2-3 times a week. This frequency puts patients at risk for Medication Overuse Headache (where the meds to relieve pain actually make you feel more pain more frequently). It is treatable. You will need a true headache specialist (board certified) to help you though.

    Here are a couple of links that may help you out:

    Please let us know how your appointment goes.

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