Digging Deeper into the Root Cause of my Migraines

Finding what triggers your migraines is no simple task. I am 45yrs old and still trying to pin-point the fundamental causes of my migraines. I get head-aches almost every day of which 1-in-3 develops into a full migraine. I have a prescription for sumatridex (imitrex) 12 doses a month. I always finish them. So I suffer a minimum of 12 migraines a month. What is that all about?

Over time I have noticed that in the afternoon around 14:30, two hours after lunch I suffer from chronic tiredness for about an hour. I have subsequently discovered that this phenomena is known as "reactive hypoglycaemia". I am not diabetic. This sudden drop in blood sugar levels causes this tiredness. During this time I am fighting to focus on my work (computer based) and it is this struggle against tiredness which ultimately culminates in a migraine.

I would be interested to hear your opinions with afternoon reactive hypoglycaemia because it could explain a lot. Any advice would be ever so gratefully received.


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