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Discouraged by doctors

I was so excited that I was going to get Botox injections because I have used all of the preventive medications out there. And I am allergic to all of the preventive medications like Relpax, Imatrix and anything in that family.

I have had these migraines since I have been 16 and now at 43, they are not getting any better. I have done all the diets, eat like a rabbit then slowly reintroduce things that can trigger a migraine.

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I have even cried at the doctors office, and have gotten mad I get foricet but only allowed to take 2 a week so which days do I pick seeing as I wake up with a migraine and go to bed with one.

So I finally get the approval for the Botox and I called the doctor that was supposed to do it several times a week, now you are only allowed to leave 1 message but I did not care I even called my primary doctor to call the other doctor and nothing. Finally they called and of course I was not home I had to work so I called back and it has been weeks the prior authorization ends 11/20.

So I have given up what is the point! They are not the ones living with this, pain every day my kids looking at me like why, my grandkids are always trying to be quite, I just want doctors to care what if it was one of there loved ones? I and others are not faking this why can't they seem to understand that we just want help to live a somewhat normal life.

I want doctors to care! To see that this is not a joke, that we are not just drug seekers. Why do we have to live like this? We really need doctors that care and understand how we and our family's feel.

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