Doctors have no heart

I went to get bloodwork done this week and I needed to fast for 12 hours. That is all the doctor told me. I got to the place to do my labs at 9:30am and they turned me away after waiting 20 minutes because one of the things I was testing needed to be done at 8...but no one told me so I had to come back the next day. They said to come back at 7 or 8am which means having an early dinner and fasting again. Not eating on schedule always gives me a migraine. So I had a guaranteed migraine for the next day AGAIN. I went in at 7:30 and they made me wait until 8:10. I had not eaten in 13 hours. I was so lightheaded, irritable and had a full blown migraine. To find a reason or cure for my headaches, I had to deal with people with no compassion for them.

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