Doctors want to ween me off of verapamil

I had a wonderful migraine specialist for 15 years and have been migraine free using verapamil, 120MG 4 times a day for 18 years. My migraine doctor retired in 2013 and since then I've been going to my primary doctor for EKGs, which I've been told is necessary when taking this much verapamil. To make a long story shorter, she sent me to a cardiac specialist just to make sure nothing was wrong with my heart, and after the ultrasound and stress test, everything was normal. I decided to go to another headache specialist, neurologist. She was totally surprised that I've been on verapamil for so long and said if I haven't had a migraine for 18 years, chances are I won't have one again and promptly advised me off of verapamil. I'm now reduced to twice daily, then going to once and back to the neurologist for a follow-up. I also take a low dose (25mg) of Elavil each night, and she wants to get me off of that as well. I would like to go off of the meds, but I'm also scared because I suffered for 17 years with horrible migraines. I thought I'd seek out other migraine sufferers and ask if anyone has been on verapamil long term. My original doctor always told me it was very safe and effective. My new doc said if I experience symptoms again I can always go back on the meds, but I always wonder if they will work the same. Any advice is appreciated.

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