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Does it really have to be like this?

I have had headaches since I was 6. They were manageable and I dealt with them because I didn't want to stop to slow down so in went the aspirin and they usually went away. Fast forward 20 years and I started getting headaches more frequently, I used to take Tylenol but that didn't seem to work as well, then a girl at work gave me excedrine, It was like a bit of heaven fell on me. that worked for 10 years. After that I noticed that they were not just headaches but they went full blown into migraines that were debilitating to the point of spending hours, days in bed and had to go home from work, stay home from work, miss family events and they always thought I was just making one excuse after another to not attend when I would rather attend then lay in a dark room wishing God to take me.

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To me, hell wasn't much worse during those times. I went to my doctor and have tried so many medications that would be ineffective for so long that I felt I was their lab rat. I had them call me their medical mystery on why things would not work with me. I would try it, two weeks later it was just not useful. I spent a lot of money and time dealing with it. During this time I had other medical issues as well. One day it dawned on me that I was itching all the time. I have allergies to cats, stuff like that, but I took stuff for it and was ok as long as I took the ever loving Zyrtec. So my doctor thought I should see an allergist. Ok works for me, lets go. I did and they said that my histamine levels were off the charts. Ok sooooooo what are you saying, I am going to itch all my life now. So now I have to take Zyrtec in the morning and at night or I cant even stand to move because my skin is so itchy. So not only do I have migraines several several times a month (I stopped counting, didn't have enough paper to use), my skin was itchy all the freaking time. So I take Zyrtec for the histamine (that is now failing), and I take something for my migraines (that to is also failing). So now my next step, just eat veggies and nothing that has any form of preservative in it or anything that just isn't natural. I am pretty sure my family is going to think I am exaggerating when I tell them that it may all be related to the histamine that my body loves to create a lot of.

What annoys me the most is that when I went to the doctor, they said oh you have a high histamine level that really is amazing, but not one thing did they say to get rid of it other than here take the Zyrtec and you should be fine. I feel like I am now my own doctor.

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