Dr thinks I may have Migraine Equivalent

I just saw a Doctor who actually took the time with me to go over my bizarre symptoms & is thinking that I may have Migraine Equivalent related to progesterone & my cycle. So the next time one hits I have to go in to see him & get blood work done so he can get a better idea.

I've seen quite a few doctors & even had my gallbladder taken out, being told that was what this was - it wasn't. My symptoms are rare & some have accused me of faking my episodes.
I've been dealing with this every month for almost 5 yrs - every month:
-The muscles on the right side of my neck/shoulder will tighten up
-My right shoulder there are 3 "points of entry" that feels like there are 3 ice picks pushing into the center of my shoulder, pretty much nonstop for 12 hours
-My arm to go numb & my fingers to tingle
-I get very nauseous
-Very dry mouth
-My husband says I "disappear" while this is happening
- It happens 5-6 days after my cycle ends, then again 5-6 days after that. It started out only once a month the day after my cycle ended, but is now twice a month.

Is there anyone else out there who deals with this or knows of someone who deals with this? Does this sound like a migraine equivalent? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks!

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