Dreading a Procedure

Last week I had an Endoscopic Procedure due to the Acid Reflux Condition I have now developed. I was fine after the procedure, that is until a few hours later. I developed a whopper of a migraine along with actual vomiting instead of just nausea. The migraine took a toll on me for four days and warranted a trip to the doctor office for a shot of torodol and zofran. When the office where I had the Endoscope procedure called to see how I was doing and I told them that I had a bad headache with vomiting they assured me that it wasn't from the anesthesia or the procedure. That is when I figured it was a migraine and a bad one at that. I am scheduled to have a colonoscopy done on Monday and I am scared to death. You would think that i would be used to my migraines by now. That is not the case. I lost two days of my life lying in pain and a drug induced haze. I was also unproductive and very out of it for the two days following the haze. I am not looking forward to the next test although I know it is for the best. So, what was it that brought on the migraine? Was it the propofol they used to sedate me? Was it the fact that I had to fast during the nine hours before the procedure ( I work night shift) or was it the fact that I stayed awake until 1 pm that day instead of going to bed by 9 am? It just may have been a factor of all. I guess I will never know.

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