Drug Seeking

So I have had migraines some I was 10 years old I'm 50. One day I took my daughter to the circus and developed a migraine after being exposed to tiger urine. After 2 hours of no relief my Dr sent me to the ed. I waited 3 hours to be seen. The er doc examined me and asked what I took when my headaches were this bad. I told him morphine or demerol.He gave me benadryl and reglan and wrote in my chart that i was drug seeking because I didn't take the ergotomin. I told him it makes me go into shock Bp in the 40-50. I'm sorry man all I can give you is benadryl and reglan. I refused and kept my migraine for the next 10 days. I angered that he kept referring to it as a headache. I went home and seriously thought about dying. Never judge one who suffers from a migraine until you have on yourself.

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