Dumped by Therapist - Again

Anyone navigating life with migraines knows that often, putting a new "to-do" on our schedules can take a massive effort. This past week, I sucked it up and went to a therapist because my stress level is rising and my support is heading back to a baseline of almost nothing.

I was so glad I went, felt there was a good connection with the therapist and as always, let them know the main reason I was there was for migraines and self care but there may be times when I could not make a session. I was willing to make payments for sessions I missed, just so I could talk to someone and try to get some new tools and relief.

Then, the voice mail - the therapist cancelled my next appointment because my potential to miss appointments did not work well for them and they had a waiting list too. This is the second time I've been dumped via voice mail by a therapist.

Is it the money factor? Clients who regularly make their appointments are better clients because the therapist gets paid? How is it that a caring profession doesn't understand people with migraines need extra support or even just some support in therapy? Why do folks with other issues or diseases get to see therapists but not me?

I realize I am not speaking of the entire universe of therapists and I am truly happy for those who have found ones that are willing to work with migraine patients. My tiny little universe, in which being dumped by a therapist twice now in a row, is like a kick in the gut. It further proves, in my mind, the stigma of migraines is alive and well out there in the world.

I would have been more understanding if the therapist had been upfront with me in the first meeting that my situation would not work for them. Instead, I'm thinking I'm heading for relief and support....until the voice mail message.

Perhaps this will be a cautionary tale for some, perhaps this is just me ranting because I'm very angry about this right now. I just don't want to see any of my fellow migraine peeps go through what I have been through.

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