Electronics and Migraines

So, you may wonder why you still see me on social media when I have a migraine. Well, first off, the level of pain and uncomfortableness does fluctuate. Also, my phone has been a great connection to the outside world for me. At times when talking would make me nauseous and sounds are extremely painful, I can still communicate. Of course, I have the screen brightness turned down all the way. And there are moments when only a few minutes tops can be tolerated. But let me tell you, technology has helped me cope with my pain better. When watching TV is too painful and reading a book or having a conversation is just not possible (neither is sitting with a computer) my phone has kept me connected, distracted and helps pass the time. Who knew something we use as a convenience and even now have to monitor it's use amongst our kids, would be a sanity saver for me and migraines.

I'd also like to add, that I have realized the value of using my phone to communicate with my 13 and 9 year old while they are home. Instead of yelling through a two story house, I can send a text message. This is really helpful during all stages of migraine.

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