Emergency Room Doctors need to understand and treat Migraines properly

My name is Linda and I suffer from what my neurologist calls Chronic Dibliting Migraines. I have suffered about 4 or 5 of them per week, and probably need to go to the emergency room with 2 of them.

The doctor I see there (and they do tend to get to know you) doesn't believe me, and refuses to treat my migraine except for giving me a Zofran. I will sometimes go to a hospital that has an average wait time of about 4 hours, when this one I am in and out in about 2 without the wait time. I went there (July 3rd in fact)because we were going on vacation and I had a horrible migraine. Lucky me I got the doctor who said that I didn't hage headaches and called me a liar and refused to treat me. I am now so afraid to go to a hospital that many times I just suffer for days until it goes away, so not only am I in pain but my family is paying for it too.

Doctors need to be aware these are real and we are not there for drugs, (my mix of meds that work does contain 2MG of a narcotic which sometimes must be given twice) but are there to be treated with dignity, respect and pain relief. Just because they can't see it doesn't mean its not there, Where do we go for help?

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