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Emergency Room Doctors need to understand and treat Migraines properly

My name is Linda and I suffer from what my neurologist calls Chronic Dibliting Migraines. I have suffered about 4 or 5 of them per week, and probably need to go to the emergency room with 2 of them.

The doctor I see there (and they do tend to get to know you) doesn’t believe me, and refuses to treat my migraine except for giving me a Zofran. I will sometimes go to a hospital that has an average wait time of about 4 hours, when this one I am in and out in about 2 without the wait time. I went there (July 3rd in fact)because we were going on vacation and I had a horrible migraine. Lucky me I got the doctor who said that I didn’t hage headaches and called me a liar and refused to treat me. I am now so afraid to go to a hospital that many times I just suffer for days until it goes away, so not only am I in pain but my family is paying for it too.

Doctors need to be aware these are real and we are not there for drugs, (my mix of meds that work does contain 2MG of a narcotic which sometimes must be given twice) but are there to be treated with dignity, respect and pain relief. Just because they can’t see it doesn’t mean its not there, Where do we go for help?

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  • peggy
    7 years ago

    First of all, I encourage you to find a doctor who “gets” migraines. My GP is wonderful. Several years ago he thought I should see a neurologist – I spent 2 hours with the man and at the end he said, “Well, you have chronic migraine.” (Duh!) He then referred me back to my GP. I have between 2-4 migraines a week and end up going to the ER a couple times a month. I carry Percocet and Zofran with me wherever I go. I can’t imagine the ER dr giving me nothing except Zofran! The staff at the ER always ask if the treatment they gave me during the previous visit worked or not and adjust if needed. I am usually given dilauded, phenergan, toradol and Benadryl. I urge you to perseve in finding a dr who will equip you with more effective “rescue meds” and work through him/her to get a more serious response from the ER dr. And frankly I would have no hesitation reporting the ER dr that called you a liar to the hospital administration. That is uncalled for! You should ALWAYS be treated with dignity and respect when you are seeking medical help. Good luck to you.

  • 2mnyheadaches
    7 years ago

    I had a similar experience at an urgent care center. It felt like the doctor was calling me a drug seeker, he almost didn’t give me any medication for the migraine. But finally after some pleading he gave me a shot. I am not a drug seeker I just want to be free from the constant pain and misery.

  • alig0118
    7 years ago

    I’m so sorry to hear about your difficult experiences. I’ve had good luck with ER doctors treating my migraines and they always suggest a pain med to help. Are you working with a neurologist? I just started on a new preventative and new medication when my migraines come on. (I’ve been getting migraines since I was 13 and am now 34)

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