Ends up on the same road

My story began when I was 13 and severe headaches and vomiting landed me in the hospital. Many tests later, the doctors diagnosed me with a severe allergy to shellfish. No more seafood; No more headaches.

The headaches returned when I was in my early 20's and a neurologist diagnosed me with migraines (and also said that's probably what I had been having at 13). I saw several neurologist and all said the same. They all concluded with "you'll just have to learn to live with it." That was about 25 years ago and medicine has come a long way since then. It's not ideal but it's better than that.

I am now working with a wonderful doctor who cares a great deal and together we learned that I had progressed to having migraines daily and needed preventative medication. A big trigger for me is changes in the weather: temp changes, frontal systems, storms, etc.

I am somehow able to work but my home life pays the price. I am lucky to have a husband who fills in where I cannot and my two children are "used to" mom not being able to do things. It's not fair though. They shouldn't have to be used to be it. They should have a mother who can be there to watch every throw they make and hit to center field. I should be able to sit in the stands and cheer them on.

But bright sunlight bothers me as well as hot temperatures. So does the loud noises of a cheering crowd so even when I feel good sometimes I'm afraid to go with them just in case. Just in case all those conditions trigger a migraine.

Right now I am watching my son get the same diagnosis: migraine. I hope for him that he "outgrows" them since he is ten. People keep saying it could be worse and I know it could be. It's just harder to watch your child end up on this same road that I have walked ahead of him and know the difficulties that he may face.

But still I hope...

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