Escalating Migraine or Food Poisoning?

Last night was torture. My sister and BIL are in town, so my grandparents and I took them to a brewery and dim sum restaurant and then to a concert. At the brewery, I drank a single beer.
The concert was... a fiasco. We somehow ended up in a music hall listening to EDM, with stage lights aimed directly into my eyes and a whole contingent of people blazing up. The migraine started about 15 minutes in (3 hours after dinner ended).

Despite the misery- the brewing pain, the developing nausea, the migraine fever, my sudden inability to control my own temperature, the "meh"ness of the music- we didn't leave for over an hour. At that point, I was in and out of lucidity, but the cool air helped.

At my grandparents', the nausea was worse. I dry-heaved, but nothing more. I felt acid inside my skull at the front, and all the light hurt. I didn't have my meds with me (stupid!), so my sister gave me a Relpax, which I've never taken. The pain faded within 15-30 minutes, but I wasn't super lucid and the nausea was worse. My abdomen was starting to cramp, but not too immediately. Finally, it was decided my grandpa and BIL would take me home, a harrowing, painful car ride that fortunately did not cause major embarrassment.

When I got home, half an hour later, everything I ate that evening- and maybe at brunch and the night before- exited, from both ends. The weird thing is, I don't vomit from migraines. That's why I'm wondering if I had food poisoning at the same time.

It's the next day, and I'm supposed to go to breakfast and multiple breweries today, and I'm think of picking up a six pack of ginger ale instead.

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