Which European pharmacy sells cheap Zomig (not generic) & ships to U.S.?

I have suffered from almost daily migraines since 1974 and have been twice hospitalized for migraines, the first time in 1985 with Dr. Seymour Diamond in Chicago and the second time with Dr. Fred Sheftell in Greenwich, Conn. My life improved enormously when the Triptans were invented in the 1990s. Imitrex worked too slowly on me, but Zomig was a life changer. I buy 5 mg. tablets and cut them in half, because it is less expensive than buying 2.5 mg. tablets. I now take three or four 5 mg. tablets a week. Zomig used to cost about $14.00 a tablet at Gallery Drug, my excellent Manhattan pharmacy. Then, a generic Zomig was released as Zomitriptan, which was much less expensive. The first generic Gallery Drug sent me was from Apotex, but it worked much more slowly than Zomig and caused much more ulcer pain. I had given myself an ulcer from overuse of aspirin before Zomig entered my life. The second generic Gallery Drug sent was made by Glenmark, which was also much too slow. I finally located Global Pharmaceuticals online and they said their generic contained the same ingredients as Astro Zeneca’s Zomig. So, for a few years Global Zomitriptan worked well for me. Then, Gallery Drug gave me the sad news that Global was no longer making generic Zomig. Its replacement was from a company called Rising. Rising’s Zomitriptan is the weakest of all the generics I have tried. It took two 5 mg. tablets to get rid of a migraine I could have aborted with half (2.5 mg.) of a Global tablet. I had some old boxes stashed in my travel bag of non-generic Zomig made by Impax in Switzerland. Even though it had expired in February 2015, half of a 5 mg. tablet taken in October 2016 worked in fifteen minutes. I decided to go back to non-generic Zomig until Gallery Drug told me that one box of three 5 mg. tablets costs $350.00!!! That's #116.67 per 5 mg. tablet. I tried to find real Zomig online at a Canadian pharmacy with no success. Then, I googled Zomig in the U.K., but it appears that they cannot ship to the U.S. Does anyone know of a European pharmacy that will sell me non-generic Zomig that is less expensive and can ship to the U. S.?
Thanks for your help. Lynn Levenberg, NYC

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