Even the Darkness is Bright

I have dealt with migraine for the past 27 years. Sometimes a poem bubbles up. Here is Headache Poem Number 2

The clash of a hammer
Pounding an anvil
Invades my head, again.

Taut with pain,
an ice bag cradling my neck,
I lie in a darkened room.

The color, the pounding,
The flashing, the clanging,
The throbbing, the stabbing.

An aurora borealis
Begins its interior display,
And even the darkness is bright.

The palette for migraines
Consists of magenta, cobalt blue,
And blazing burnt orange.

The pulsing light show
In my head claims me,
Captive audience,

Until the pain eases,
With medication, ice, and prayers,
Yet even the darkness is bright.

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