Migraine Every Day

I will be turning 50 this year . I have been suffering migraines since I am about eight years old. I started my menstrual when I was nine . When I do get a migraine they last anywhere from several hours to three-to four days. They pretty much rule anything I do in my life.

I have been to many neurologist and have had many MRI's - I have white matter and lesions in which my latest neurologist would like to keep an eye on due to the fact that my sister had a stroke at age 54 .

I am currently on a daily dose of 50 MG of Topamax twice daily and 10MG of Maxalt when needed . The only thing is I am only allotted 9 tablets of Maxalt per month because they are very strong and anymore than 9 per month can cause issues with the heart .

I have tried making my bedroom as dark as possible with room darkening drapes I have bought at Walmart . I have tried Aromatherapy heat packs . I have tried ice packs . I have tried rolling Icy Hot on my fore head and the back of my head for relief .

My doctor keeps telling me I may be a candidate for Botox however my insurance will not cover it.

My family and friends have suffered greatly due to the fact I am unable to be present in their lives most of the time because of my crippling migraines. I just pray to find a cure one day .

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