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My life with Migraine Headaches

I suffered from a closed head injury (2 in fact) in 1996 and have had migraines ever since. I have tried nearly every med out there with little to no relief.

I am now 22 weeks pregnant, and didn’t realize that my migraines could get even worse. And, for the safety of my unborn daughter, I am unable to take anything.

I understand that her safety is number one, but I don’t know how I am going to make it. The pain is excruciating and is going on 5 months in duration. Cannot find a doctor who can/will help either.

Any mothers out there with any better stories?

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  • Jaime Donald
    7 years ago

    When I was pregnant with my kids my doctor had me on: Propranolol, it did take the edge off. And both my boys turned out amazing, one is 8 and the other 7, they are both very smart and great kids. I would ask your doctor about that. I do feel for you. God Bless

  • Miriam Nockenofsky
    7 years ago

    I feel for you, I guess the only thing you can do is wait until you give birth, but maybe you can talk to your ob and ask her/him if you can take at least tylenol, I did that and it helped a little bit until I gave birth.

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