Exertional headaches

For the last ten years I have suffered from headaches post-exercise. It started with high impact aerobics but as I scaled down my exertion, I started to get headaches after pump, yoga and walks. The obvious culprit was dehydration but drinking plenty didn't seem to help. Now a stroll along the beach can trigger a headache. I have tried numerous alternative approaches, some structural like chiropracty and osteopathy, some like acupuncture and kineisiology and am seeing a second neurologist and have tried two different anti-convulsants. Years ago, I tried beta blockers which didn't help. I have low blood pressure which doctors love but I think is somehow involved and I feel strongly that my blood vessels swell and it is this that causes the pain. I would really like to connect with others with the same trigger as I think I am getting more and more sensitized so it takes very little to trigger and the headache persists for much longer. I am 54 and post menopausal so there doesn't appear to be a hormonal component. I love to exercise and as a trigger it is very frustrating as I can't just give up like chocolate or alcohol. Any body resonate with any of this?

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