That's it, that's what I am, just completely exhausted. I've been 30 for a month and within the last 6 months I've suffered from chronic migraines...for what seems like, no reason! Prior to this I think I may have had 4 headaches a year. The doctors keep pumping me with medication after medication, most of them don't work and if they do it just dulls the pain. My doctors don't seem to want to get too involved in the why (for prevention) just the treatments, fine with me, but give me something that works!

I am now afraid that I'm going to be one of those woman (whom I've known in my family - not blood related) who we complain about because they always complaining about a headache. I feel terrible for my son and my fiancé, for our future, if these migraines continue throughout my life I will be that miserable woman no one wants be around.  Not only can I not function during a migraine, I can barely function after with the migraine hangover.  I'd rather go through labor every month versus have 1 more migraine.

To this rant; If only I could figure out on my own how or when the pain will start. Tension - Yes, Neck pain - Yes, Menstral - Yes....so this means I will have migraines for the rest of my life until menopause hits. :(

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