Family history and injuries

I'm sort of hobby genelogist. While tracing my Scottish father's family I discovered a lady who was a romantic interest of Charles 2ed son. Annie Beauch of the Clan Scott is my grandmother X 5. She was tossed into the tower of London where "The pains in her bones caused alot of discomfort for her. She had Osteoporosis. Every woman in my family also has it including me. We also share Thyroid conditions. I'm hypothyroid. I also have had quite a few accidents over my lifetime. From landing head first off my childhood swing set to mother vehicle accident to a plane crash over North-western China. I've broken two levels of my neck, two levels of my lumbar spine, my sacrum and shattered my tailbone. My migraines have been quite a battle. I've been through nearly all medications at one time or another. We also moved cross country. I made sure in addition to electronic record transfered that I hand carried my own medical file from Doctors office to my new Doctor in my new state. I remember him telling me I was quite right to do so because without prior history, no Doctor would have continued my medication without sending me through repeated testing. Good old Imitrex works best for me. I also take medication for additional issues

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