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A father kills his daughter with severe migraines in Chilliwack, British Columbia

I want to share this very tragic story about Emily Janzen, a 19-year-old struggling with severe migraines in Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada.

Her father, Randy, killed her to end her suffering. He then killed Emily's mother, Emily's aunt and then himself.

There is a memorial page on Facebook Rest in Peace Emiky Janzen.

I am the wife of a severe migraineur. I am a family doctor. When people call migraine "just a headache" or when they assume that my husband is a "drug-seeker" when he seeks pain relief, I come unglued. Migraine is a devastating neurological disorder with the potential to destroy lives. It is a disease with genetic, vascular, immune and inflammatory etiology. The exact cause of migraines remains the "holy grail" of migraine research. It is NOT brought on because the sufferer is weak, stressed, ate too much carbs etc... The sufferer did NOT ask for this disorder.

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I am not confrontational by design. I do not crave attention. I don't even like to speak in public. I am an intensely private person keen to just carry on with my life in a quiet and humble manner.

However, the deaths of Emily Janzen and her family struck too close to home. The anger and grief I have kept suppressed all these years come tumbling to the surface. It is time to educate everyone about this horrible disease which has taken away so much!

Do you agree or are these the rantings of a grief-stricken caregiver?

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