Fear it'll never end

As a young suffer of migraines, I fear that living with this horrible disease will become something I'll have to do forever, day in and day out. I'm worried because this is no quality of life.

I'm Paige, I'm currently 17 and currently increasing my daily migraine prevention medication, because my migraines have became more debilitating.
I never used to get auras and my greatest sympathy goes out to those of you whom experience them, as so do I now.
I get the ringing in my ears, the blurry vision, the tingling in my head, neck and eyes.
It's horrible; it's a whole new level of pain and discomfort.

And because I'm in year 12 at school, it makes this all a little harder. Teachers don't truly understand the impact of a migraine, so when you suffer one, you tend to suffer alone.

I feel like I'm the only young person who suffers this disease, as I haven't heard anyone else talk about how they're suffering from it, how they cope, etc.

So please feel free to leave advice or your thoughts.

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